Hestra knows all about shopfittings and hotel and restaurant interiors. Our ambition is to become the little company with big resources.

Well-built from the beginning

Hestra knows about shop fitting. But also hotel and restaurant interiors. We know about concept development. We produce our own products in both wood and metal and also have a comprehensive network of sub-contractors. We have a both a comprehensive standard system as well as large scale manufacture of interiors which are completely unique to the customer. We do the assembly work and also simpler building work. We help with layouts and 3D/VR animations. Try us out, we’ve been doing this since 1900 and we know interiors.

Simple and strong

We’re a steady and successful family business today, going back four generations. Our strength is that we combine the simplicity and closeness to customers that you get with a small company along with the resources you expect from a large company. This means we can handle every kind of interior project. We’re used to working with counter displays and shop-in-shop departments as well as on complete interior environments. Whether with completely unique decoration or with our comprehensive standard system. One store or one hundred stores, it doesn’t make a difference. Get in touch with Hestra!

We’re everywhere in Scandinavia!

Besides the town of Hestra in Småland (Sweden), you can also find us in Solna (near Stockholm), Drøbak (Norway), Lahti (Finland) and Vejle (Denmark). Outside of the Scandinavian region, we’re very much used to working across Europe and the globe.


Med ålder kommer vishet och med mer än 120 år i ryggen har vi sedan länge insett hur viktigt det är att ta hand om vår jord och våra medmänniskor. På Hestra arbetar vi aktivt för att ge tillbaka och stötta vår natur och vårt samhälle. Läs mer om vårt hållbarhetsarbete i Hestra håller.

Quality all the way

At Hestra, we always strive to deliver high quality in everything we do. Our products should do what they say, deliveries should be on time, and you should receive a professional service. The goal of every delivery should be a recommendation for future business. We are quality-assured in accordance with ISO 9001 since 1996.

Environmental responsibility is a given

We’re driven by a genuine interest in our environment. We heat our premises with waste heat from a neighbouring company. We have solar panels on the roof. We’re part-owners of a wind power station for the production of green electricity. Of course, we’re also environmentally certified in accordance with ISO14001 and we’re always pushing to make even more improvements.

Human obligations

As fellow humans, employers, suppliers and customers, we have a social responsibility. This permeates through everything we do, from local clubs and societies to making a difference in the lives of the 100 children we sponsor. We’ve been active since in 1900 and we plan to still be making a difference in 2100.

Everything started in 1900


The year is 1900 and Natanael Petersson is on his way to the vicarage in Hestra. His wagon is fully loaded with furniture and the air is full of spring scents and tense anticipation. The vicar had previously seen the furniture taking shape in Natanael’s workshop. But how would it look once it was in place? And how would the vicar’s wife react? Both of them end up being very pleased, and Natanael’s reputation as a skilled craftsman begins to spread. The customers start to flood in and N. Petersson’s Mechanical Carpentry Factory comes into existence later that year.


Natanael has really found his feet now and is widely appreciated around the region for his carpentry. During the 1920’s, his sons, Ernst and Tage join the company and the business develops even further. N. Petersson’s Mechanical Carpentry Factory is now also offering interior decoration for schools, hotels and stores. Customers can contact the company via the telegraph address, ‘Petersson’, or more easily via the telephone number ‘3’.


World War Two has finally ended and Ernst and Tage are looking happily towards the future. They come into contact with the Swedish Ironmongers’ Association, who are looking for a standardised exposure system for their goods in hardware shops. Ernst and Tage present a working solution and, before long, shop fittings are dominating the manufacturing industry in Hestra.


In April 1972, construction begins on Hotel Birger Jarl in Stockholm. At the time of the inauguration, it’s one of the most modern hotels in Sweden with its brown furniture, orange curtains and never-ending, wall-to-wall carpets. Hestra supplies the interior decoration for the hotel. The delivery is the last in a long history of interior decoration for hotels. The company, which is now known as Hestra Inredningar, turns its focus to shop fittings.


During the glorious 80’s, Hestra Inredningar grows beyond the confines of Sweden and starts to look beyond the country’s borders. The company establishes its first international sales office in Norway, in 1984. In the following years, we also establish enterprises in FInland and Denmark. A decisive move in our quest to become Scandinavia’s leading name in interiors for stores.


In 2008, Hestra expanded the manufacturing plant to a size of 20,000 sqm. Some years later, we did it again, and the total size of the manufacturing and warehousing plant now stands at 22,000 sqm. The warehouse now features up to 2000 standard items, as well as 6000 customer-specific products in 15,000 pallet spaces.


The hotel decoration company, Room2Room, becomes a part of the Hestra family. Due to this, Hestra starts creating hotel and restaurant interiors once again.


Ricana becomes a part of the Hestra family and supplements Hestra’s well-established production of wood with its own manufacture of steel and pipes.


A lot of years have passed by since Natanael assembled his first wooden furniture pieces, and the company is now run by the fourth generation of the Petersson family. The 3D printer is used more often than the carpenter’s plane and the designs are much more advanced nowadays, but the foundations are still the same. Hestra will always work in close partnership with customers - with knowledge, experience and curiosity, to create the best possible solution.