From the idea to the finished product.

Our staff and their collected skills are our greatest strength. Our dedicated project groups are put together ahead of each project, this way we can find the best solution for every stage. We have a development department where we work with the latest technologies in VR, AR and 3D visualisation. With our own manufacturing facility, we ensure that we’re able to meet exacting demands on materials and quality. We also have everything gathered together in one place, which allows for an interaction that brings huge advantages throughout the project. We know all about shop fittings and interiors for hotels and restaurants. Try us out!

Concept development

There’s a distinct feeling you get when you step into our development department in Hestra. Boundless creativity and the most practical solutions meet here, with a technical cutting edge where the only limit is your imagination. Concept ideas that begin with pen and paper take physical form with our 3D printer. At the same time, we make visualisations of shop environments and can offer 3D tours in VR, as well as photorealistic renderings. And, of course, our experienced project leaders can contribute with layout designs in both 2D and 3D. Physical material samples mix with functional and flexible store solutions. Our aim is always that every project, regardless of size or scope, will be the best possible solution.


Our manufacturing facility is completely tailored toward shop fittings and hotel interiors. We’re constantly updating our know-how and our machinery. We saw, mill, edge mould, treat and put together our wood products and we cut, bend, weld and punch our steel and pipe items. We’re also continually developing our logistical solutions and are used to complicated roll-outs across several countries as well as individual projects.


With our own installation as well as a wide-scale network of experienced installers and builders across Scandinavia, Hestra can take care of installation and simpler building work for a lot of our customers. We know our interiors better than anyone, so let us help you with installation.

Genuine comprehensive commitment

A successful interior design concept is a mix of an attractive environment, displays that lead to sales, and a well-planned layout. This is where Hestra comes in. We create the impulse to buy and we make sure everything is secured, from the idea to the finished store. With skilful and experienced project managers, ingenious constructors, dextrous installers and a real commitment on behalf of the whole company, we’ll help you all the way through. Regardless of whether it’s about shop fittings, counter displays, shop-in-shop, hotel or restaurant decoration. We want to be the little company with the big resources, so try us out.


At Hestra, we like shopfittings and hotel and restaurant interior decoration, and we’re good at what we do. Feel free to get in touch so we can help you. Talk soon!


Get help from our professional store decorators. We design stores every day of the year, and we have a lot of experience from a lot of different industries. The right layout leads to better sales, it’s that simple!


We have our own comprehensive manufacturing facility as well as a wide network of sub-contractors who help us to make a reality of the product you want, regardless of materials or volumes.


Here at Hestra, we store, pack and send out large amounts of interior decorations every day to a wide variety of towns and cities across Northern Europe. With up-to-date tools and lots of experience, we’ll find the right logistical solution for you.


With our depth of experience, we install interior furnishings all over Northern Europe. We work with our own installers as well as a wide network of experienced, external partners.

Concept development

A totally new one or update an existing concept? Our architects will find the right expression by working closely with constructors to make your visions a reality. We always work with the latest tools in VR, AR and 3D visualisation to get the best support for decision-making via concept development.

Room 2 Room is our collaborative partner for hotel concepts. Together, we can offer complete interior concepts for hotels, conferences, restaurants and bars. We deliver everything from design to the final installed interior - if you already have an architect, we can take care of manufacture, delivery and installation of the design you’ve already had developed.